The Ladder

Bob Marley once said, ” even a giant was once a baby”, this stuck with me forever, the thought that no matter where I am today or how much I know today can completely change in a couple of moments.

Life has no feeling, no biased, no remorse, so with that in mind, the ladder to success is the same for everyone, oh and by success, I don’t mean money ( keep that in mind}.

Events, big or small are nightmares to deal with and yet with the right team it becomes much easier, but to get to that point, one needs to have developed one’s craft, just as the caterpillar has to develop into a beautiful butterfly. We live, we learn and most times we actually don’t.

It was my privilege to work with a group of people who believe that no matter where they started, determination, hard work, and consistency can help you climb the ladder of success.


Don’t get me wrong.

I foresee some arguments coming up but remember the title before you get me wrong haha.


How do I feel about my work? Great question indeed. I feel its incomplete, there seems to be an infinite story that is being told, and the problem or good thing (however you see it) is that I don’t know myself. It’s like a ship without a heading.

When Vincent Van Gough painted did he feel that his work is perfect? I don’t know.

To a connoisseur his work is priceless yet he struggled to sell a single piece during his lifetime.

So is my work worthy???? To me, certainly, to the world maybe not and that’s okay because it’s all about preference.

When I hear arguments about who is the best painter. I myself ( being a layman obviously) am divided maybe because brush strokes and paint mixing are all greek to me so all I use to decide is Emotion. What the “masterpieces” does to me emotionally.

Is it Picasso, or Da Vinci, or Rembrandt, or Monet, or Raphael, or Van Gogh, or so many others and the answer is that there is no correct answer to me like I said.

With all that being said, no way am I saying that I am a contender amongst those Masters,  but that’s the beauty of this craft, its all about you, the viewer, how do you feel about an image?

Don’t answer just soak it all in.

It’s fulfilling documenting people’s architecture with light so I shall dedicate a few more posts to Johannesburg’s cityscape. Stay tuned for more on Egoli.

Consistently Inconsistent

I truly feel that Mr. Rufus has hit the nail on the head, couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Journal of Rufus

consistent 9

If, at any point I would be asked to describe my blog in a few words, Consistently Inconsistent is the exact description I would give. Now you may assume that I’ll be going on some kind of rant about this… and you’d be correct.  This piece will be for the ‘creatives’ and will perhaps touch on what we fear about not being in a state to create.

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When you dress up , you should do it  for the right reasons. Clothed in a great garment, fresh smelling cologne or a good pair of shades , you should have a feeling of being the best person you can be. It is important to keep a healthy psyche and keeping yourself well groomed just elevates your confidence 100 fold.

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