Standing here in ore of just how far we have come, a civilisation that was once deemed barbarians is now seated at the table, with napkins , eating with knife and fork. No way could it have been imagined that this is where we would be by now, but somehow it is what it is.

Life to me is a strange thing, I am not sure if I actually comprehend what life is, is it being in a fleshy, bloody, and boney body or is it the spirit that dwells within? I don’t know. What I am most unsure about is why do we exist, is it like some say “The Matrix” or is it mainly to eat sleep fart and repeat hahahahah? don’t judge me I don’t know hence I’m asking.

Nature is beautiful no doubt about it, but even that sometimes doesn’t make sense. Why have all these animals around ? Is it to balance the ecosystem? why then have such a large ecosystem in the first place? Some would say this planet is big enough for all of us right, and that is 100% true, my question then stands , what is our divine purpose.

Let my be more clear with my questions. If everything I touch turns to gold, would that make me worthy of entering the KINGDOM? Is success a measurement of how GOOD one is ? Is not achieving much in life a BAD thing ?

I leave it in your hands…

Believe it or not.

If you could choose a season to live in whether it is winter , summer , spring or autum. What would it be?

As much as I’d truly love to shoot in a city or forest covered in snow, I would definitely prefer summer days. Ultimately there is a solution to every ‘issue’, but I just think that I have all the answers for a summer day, or season in this case.

If time would allow, id probably see myself getting into being a surfer and skateboarder and although you can do it in any season, uhm I would prefer doing it in the summer. There is an ease about summer that encourages me to want to travel the world… wishful thinking but maybe one day.

Does a season define you? Can your life be characterized by the season you prefer ? is it definitive or speculative? Science is interesting but I don’t know if there is an answer, well scientific answer for everything.

The fact that twins from the same household grow up to have total different likes and dislikes is fascinating, that’s what makes people awesome. Being unique, fun, amazing. At the end of it all we are following a trend which is how life works but be yourself about it. Yes you can buy a Jordan 1 like many have done before you but its how you go about bringing everything together.

We have seen what people like Micheal Jordan, Drake, Salvatore Dali, Albert Einstein and many more greats have done, the question is who are you and how will you do things?

We need people to shape the world for the future. Moulding has started yesterday already. Time is of the essence.

The love of music.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

I’m sure you have noticed that storytelling is not my strongest point hahaha. I said this before but anyway hear me out. We recently visited Sawubona Music Jam and we experienced a performance equivalent to that of a virtuoso.

MAN! It was something special. People were showcasing their musical abilities with vocals, drums, piano ( and no amapiano people were not there) , guitars, it was a musical extravaganza. The performances was so amazing, that one would believe the artists were being paid millions to deliver a stunner of a show, but this wasn’t the case, It was all about passion.

Every single arits right from the get go had nothing but their A game on show, a sight that’s usually synonymous with some of the legendary artists, people who has been doing it for 10 years + , people who have access to big production houses and studios and all fancy equipment, but man these guys are so talented, they were flowing as smooth as water down a stream.

Music is a language, it may even be the one true universal language when used properly. No matter what language the artists sings in, we feel it and we journey on with them. Its like this: The Gipsy Kings being one of my favorite groups of all time, sings in a language which I don’t even know, I’m not sure if its spanish or… I just don’t know, but the music is special. This a reflection of the experience with the Sawubona Music Jam community.

I was actually furious with myself because this type of jamming sessions has been happening for a long time already, but my cherry was only popped a couple of days ago. I know i’m rambling now but bare with me, better yet join the team every tuesdays at : 2199 Musingadi street, Tshiawelo, from 6pm till late. Oh and don’t thank me, just pay it forward…

I hope you are able to see the vibe that was created and more importantly see the emotion in these pictures. It might not be great because I was honestly jamming more than anything else.

In the words of another legend ” Let the music play”.

Thank you for joining us on this one.